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The Team

Who We Are

Ringle Co-Founder & CEO

Yuda Pick

Co-Founder & CEO

bring a patchwork of experiences—from studying in a Haredi Yeshiva to serving in the tech unit of the Israel Air Force and exploring the Israeli high-tech sector. Now, I'm steering our friendly and innovative dating app with the same passion.

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Mati Broide

Co-Founder & CRO

My journey started with a small business selling items for Jewish holidays. Now, I'm pouring that entrepreneurial spirit into making our app a commercial success.

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Ringle Co-Founder & CRO
Ringle Co-Founder & CTO

Daniel Taub

Co-Founder & CTO

With experiences from a college yeshiva, the tech unit of the Israel Air Force, and the Israeli high-tech industry, I'm excited to bring leading-edge tech to our dating app.

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Shmuel Pick

Co-Founder & VP R&D

Drawing from my time studying in a Chabad Yeshiva and serving in the tech unit of the Israel Air Force, I'm thrilled to shape the development of our innovative dating app.

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Ringle Co-Founder & Lead Application Developer
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